Share your Pennant Traces stories

Maybe you are following the Rays, Red Sox, Dodgers or Phillies, and you are a season-ticket holder who lives and breathes the game and roots for your favorite 25 players right now. Maybe you live in a small town and take pride in a local standout who went on to baseball greatness and represents you in this postseason. Maybe you went to college with a player or a GM whose team is in the League Championship Series, and maybe your team is done for the year and you have a vested interest in someone who used to be on your team. There are so many reasons that more fans than ever follow the beautiful game of baseball, so many traces and connections to these real people who now contend for a world championship. launched Pennant Traces as a way to explore the roots of the personnel still competing for a title right now, and you can view the data via your own favorite team or through the traces of the four teams in the LCS round. Throughout the final two rounds, look for special features that explore these unique traces, and if you’re like most people, then you’re bound to relate. Please feel free to comment on your own special connections to these special people of October, and tell us where you’re from and who you’re following and why.